Roof Repairs

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Fast & Long Lasting Roof Repairs for Residential & Commercial Properties

Roof Repairs

Wind and weather cause constant problems to roofs, often resulting in roof leaks or the need for repairs. What can start as a small leak from a loose or missing tile can eventually result in very expensive damage such as damp or rotten joists and timbers.

Whether you have a flat or pitched roof on a residential or commercial property we can fix your roof quickly and professionally in the correct way that will last for years.

We will always provide our expert opinion with any flat roofing repair or problem by giving you several different options so you can decide on the best choice for your budget.

Honest Roof Repair Quotations

Our detailed repair quotations will show you exactly where your money is going. The direct phone number of your specific surveyor will always be detailed on your quotation meaning any queries can quickly be answered.

A full roof report or a photographic survey can be arranged in addition to your quotation.

We are always happy to confer with yourselves or your architects on specific details. Brochures and samples can be requested so you can visualise the finished effect before selecting materials. Feel free to browse through our portfolio of work to see the high quality finish Top to Bottom Roofing provides.

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